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The Stretch Fabric is lightweight and semi - transparent, allowing about 75% of the light to pass through. It is very stretchy and can be pulled into many dynamic shapes making sails with nice curves. It can be used to fill an overhead space and is a particularly effective for enclosing an area that has a high ceiling. These event decorations can also be used impressively with other overhead features such as Inflatable Stars. The material is such that lights shining onto and through the material leaves accentuated patterns on the surface. The white stretchy glows under Ultra Violet lighting. We have a range of stock sizes in white available for hiring which have tie off loops already attached, see the table at bottom of page for sizes and prices. Stretch Fabric material can also be purchased off the roll, including wholesale. Stretchy Fabric has been treated to be Fire Retardant and comes with a Fire Certificate. Visual Bliss installation event team can install complex Stretch Fabric Designs for your event, ask for a quote. Can be used as projection netting for interesting effects.

Overhead Stretch Fabric at Crystal Palace International Athletics Stadium for the
World Latin American Dance Championship - also Big 3.9m Inflatable Stars



Stretch Fabric and coloured Inflatable Stars at
Man City FC for Christmas Corporate Events


Purple and White Stretch Fabric criss crossing in a Marquee - also Jungle Backdrops & Palm Trees

White Stretch Fabric with Colour Lighting   Stretch Fabric at M.O.D base Dinner Party


Stretch Fabric at Glastonbury Festival Dance Marquee
also Inflatable Pillars

  Stretch Fabric at Glastonbury Festival Dance Marquee
also Inflatable Stars and Inflatable Planets

Stretch Fabric (viewed from above)   Stretch Fabric creatively shaped for a private party and lit with an Oil Wheel Projector

Stretch Fabric with Icicles   Crimson Coloured Stretch Fabric


Stretch Fabric at Nightclub, also Lattice Wall Panels behind bar and 3D Effect Purple Rock below bar

  Lots of Stretch Fabric overhead in marquee
and with various lighting effects


Stretch Fabric criss crossing
and lit with UV

  2 x 25m Pieces of Stretch Fabric tied together


Stretch Fabric ceiling with lighting effects, 'Innersphere' backdrops on the walls

  Stretch fabric piece installed dynamically outside and
lit with UV and LED par can



Stretch Fabric criss crossing
and lit with UV

  Stretch Fabric Triangle Sail 3m x 3m x 3m


The diagram below shows the shape that a 5m piece makes when tied out.


HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (Hire inc. VAT / Purchase exc. VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Ready to Install Pieces with Tie Off Loops
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Stretch Fabric - Ready to Install 5m £20 / each 12 Set of 4 for £60 £55 / each
Stretch Fabric - Ready to Install 10m £30 / each 12 Set of 4 for £90 £110 / each
Stretch Fabric - Ready to Install 15m £40 / each 12 Set of 4 for £120 £165 / each
Stretch Fabric - Ready to Install 25m £50 / each 6 Set of 4 for £150 £250 / each
Stretch Fabric Triangle Sail 3mx3mx3m £15 / each 12 Set of 4 for £45 £30 / each
Purchase Cost (exc VAT) - Material Off the Roll
Amount Cost
0 - 24 m £10 / m
25m - 49m £9 / m
50m - 99m £8 / m
100m + £7.50 / m
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